About MorphTune

MorphTune is not just a pitch correction tool. Besides pitch correction, it lets you creatively experiment and transform your tunes the way you want them.

Download fully functional free trial (On one computer you can activate the trial only once.)


Buy MorphTune for $100 $40 (Offer valid till 20th November). Your credit/debit card details are securely handled by paypal. You don't need any account with paypal to pay.

VST plugin and standalone versions are available for Windows 8/7/Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit.

The VST plugin is installed in [Program Files]/VSTPlugins. You may want to copy it to your DAW's plugin folder.


  • Detect notes in audio file.
  • Shift base pitch of notes.
  • Change amount of pitch modulation of notes.
  • Stretch notes in time.
  • Create vibrato over the existing sound.
  • Edit pitch freely using pencil tool over existing sound.
  • Change formants (which define the texture of voice) of notes - letting you change the depth, brightness of etc voice - even change the voice between male, female and child.
  • Change volume of notes.
  • Editing
    • Copy-paste, delete notes.
    • Move notes in time.
    • Split and join notes.
  • Restrict your editing to scale and tuning of your choice using scale editor.
  • Auto-correct the whole audio.
  • Can save projects, so you don't need to re-detect the pitch while opening the file next time.
  • Get better idea about the product by looking at this online manual.