Activation, Deactivation and Reactivation:

You need to activate MorphTune to be able to run it in full mode. In full mode you don't need to be connected to the Internet. You can activate MorphTune on two computers with the same license key. If you want to move MorphTune to a new computer, you must deactivate it from the older computer and then (install and) reactivate it on the new computer. You need Internet connection at the time of activation, deactivation or reactivation. To activate/deactivate/reactivate, go to Help->License. Click on the respective buttons in the license dialog and proceed as asked.

Trial Activation:

You can try MorphTune with full functionality for 21 days; there is no restriction on any feature during the trial period. Only you need to be connected to the Internet while in trial mode. To activate the trial, go to Help->License. Click on Activate Trial button in the license dialog. Fill in the information asked and activate the trial.
Remember on one computer you can activate the trial only once.
After activating trial, if the application buttons are not enabled, please restart the application.

Checking Activation:

After activating full or trial mode, it may be necessary to check activation from MorphTune. Do this by clicking on "Help->Check Activation".

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